Grove Technologies
Rebranding Grove Technologies to reposition themselves and appeal to a broader target market


Grove Technologies grew out of a time when quality Mac support was difficult to find. Since then, they’ve become the trusted advisor for Mac ecosystems, serving businesses and entrepreneurs in the Washington, DC metro area.

Grove Technologies, originally known as Mac Gurus, came to Illustria to reposition their company to appeal to a broader target market. We began with a deep Discovery phase, interviewing their CEO/Founder, partner, and select clients. From the insights we gathered, we identified how the company would need to shift in order to overcome their challenges of scale and reach their goals for expansion. We developed the company’s brand identity, name, messaging, and logo to be evergreen and grow sustainably. Trademarking is a critical part in any naming process; we worked hand in hand with our expert trademarking attorneys to ensure that Grove Technologies was a strong, protected, and scalable name.


Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Visual Identity

“As they walked me through their process, every promise materialized. They were thorough, thoughtful, methodical and fun to work with.”

Jon Brown, Founder, Grove Technologies

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