EDB Postgres Vision
Rebranding EnterpriseDB and MIT’s Postgres Vision 2017 conference to win enterprise customers and cement their market leadership

EnterpriseDB provides the most complete open source database management platform and is trusted by Mastercard, Raytheon, GAP, and other Fortune 500 companies. EDB’s solutions allows companies to drive their digital strategies—such as hybrid cloud management, data integration, and data warehouse—to address their long-term business and technology requirements.

As EnterpriseDB began to solidify their enterprise customer base, their Marketing Department needed an agency that could ideate and collaborate with them on their events and tradeshows. They needed to stand out from competitors with strong and unique branding. Throughout our partnership, we worked with them to elevate their brand to appeal to the enterprise, so they could successfully Cross the Chasm. One key engagement was branding their annual Postgres Vision conference hosted in conjunction with MIT in Boston. Part of EDB’s strategy is to cement itself as a thought-leader in this space. It was important to give this conference its own distinct and elevated identity, while subtly paying homage to the EnterpriseDB brand.


Visual Identity
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Visual Design
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Sales Enablement
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