Bluebird Botanicals
Rebranding Bluebird Botanicals to capture a larger customer base in a market poised to grow 3200% over the next 3 years.


Bluebird Botanicals is a natural supplements provider focused on hemp products. They’re at the forefront of the CBD industry and movement with a mission of making a happy, healthy lifestyle radically accessible to all. They stand apart because of their commitment to transparency, purity of ingredients, and care for the individual.


With a market that is poised to grow 3200% over the next 3 years, Bluebird Botanicals hired us to create a more authentic and scalable brand identity.

The individuals at Bluebird are passionate, caring, personable, hard working, and more than a little quirky. However, none of this came through in their brand, nor was their product packaging ready for the mainstream market.

After spending time getting to know them and talking to their customers and brokers, we were able to show Bluebird what they had to offer and what customers want from a CBD brand. We created B2C and B2B messaging, a full visual identity system, and packaging design built to support future products.

Bluebird stands apart and their product should too. We visited natural food retailers to understand how similar products are placed on shelves. We designed the identity to enhance itself when the products came together on a shelf, we call this the rainbow effect. Together they create a rainbow that drives customer engagement in the hyper crowded supplement aisles.


Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Visual Identity
Data Analytics
Market Positioning
Market Research
Sales Enablement
Content Creation

“Illustria took the time to get to know us, and it shows. Past consultants didn’t truly understand us or our industry, projecting their assumptions of the cannabis industry onto us.”

Kevin Liebrock, COO

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